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Essay On Air Pollution - 1500 Words

Introduction: Pollution is when a harmful or poisonous gas is emitted in the presence of air that can be very harmful to the environment even for humans, especially when we don’t do anything . We might think that pollution is not really a problem in the world but it is one major problem and some countries are suffering from it now. There are many ways that we can stop pollution about but we just don’t really take matter of it, if people will just observe how pollution is affecting the environment they might do something about it. There are many types of Pollutions there are, Water, Land, Air , etc but Air pollution is the main topic in this paper. These days, there are many countries that are suffering from Air Pollution, there’s†¦show more content†¦(A Review of Air Pollution Control in Beijing: 1998-2013.) The air pollution in Beijing causes their neighboring countries experience smog covering some part of their country. Also there is a new problem of their pollut ion problem which is the urbanization which people demands different new manufacture to be develop. Lots of different cars are being developed that are now record for 17 millions new cars on the road in the year of 2014. The rapid urbanization growth increases lot of demands and new industries. Chemical Reaction: The main causes to build pollution are Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, Particulates and Ammonia. In Beijing the chemical reaction they have is Sulfur Dioxide, Ozone, and Carbon Monoxide. One of the chemical reaction of the air pollution in Beijing, is Sulfur Dioxide and this is one the reason because of their coal industry. Sulfur dioxide can cause people to have a hard time breathing if you inhaled too much. Second one is Ozone is a colourless gas that creates smog, this chemical can make experience some respiratory problem. The other one is Carbon Monoxide and this one is caused by vehicles. It is also an odorless and colorless gas but this gas is very dangerous for human. It can cause your nervous system and heart oxygen to workShow MoreRelatedAir Pollution Essay1359 Words   |  6 Pagespremature deaths caused each year due to air pollution in cities across the world† (Air Pollution). Every day the average person inhales about 20,000 liters of contaminated air, Such as carbon dioxide and smog (Brimblecombe). These pollutants are released throughout the world’s atmosphere in concentrations that are high enough to cause health problems, which leads to one of the main problems today, and that would be air pollution (Socha). The main cause of air pollution is all of the toxic chemicals thatRead MoreAir Pollution Essay1322 Words   |  6 PagesAll living things use air and it must be clean to maintain life on earth. When air pollution becomes the subject, what do you think about? Smog, acid rain, and other forms of outdoor pollution are the common things people think about. Air pollution can also exist indoors as in closed ventilated areas that we surround. This makes the air that we breathe indoors inescapable and the pollution exist both indoor and outdoor. For example, hair spray usage indoor is polluting the air inside because of theRead MoreEssay On Air Pollution1571 Words   |  7 PagesLong, wrote an opinion piece published in The New York Times called, Where Theres Smoke, Theres Pollution, addressing the effects of vessels on the environment. He is arguing against the way The Environmental Protection Agency and other environmental health organizations are handling the increase of shipping pollution and the public’s health and safety. People assume the main cause of air pollution are automobiles or manufactures, however, international trade by cargo ships has expanded more thanRead MoreEssay On Air Pollution970 Words   |  4 Pagesburning of fossil fuels is causing several health and environmental issues. The first issue is air pollution. As many of you already know, burning fossil fuels emits several air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and the most common pollutant, carbon dioxide. These harmful gases are toxic to both the environment and public health. Another issue associated with air pollution is acid rain. Acid rain is formed when sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides mix with water, oxygenRead MoreEssay On Air Pollution1677 Words   |  7 Pages Global Article Analysis 3: Air Pollution There are multiple environmental issues that exist and are constantly harming the planet. Many of these issues have effects that are unique to certain countries, or even effects that are similar to other countries. Overall, these issues can be similar or dissimilar in multiple aspects, such as the biological, physical, and cultural perspectives. The causes and effects, problem severity, citizen perceptions, and proposed solutions and efforts to repair theseRead MoreAir Pollution Essay1203 Words   |  5 PagesAir pollution can be described as any contaminate of the atmosphere that disturbs the natural composition and chemistry of the air. This can be in the form of particulate matter such as dust, or excessive gases like carbon dioxide or other vapors. These pollutants can occur naturally, or are the product of human activities. The air that we breathe is filled with substances that are hazardous to our health. Some contaminates can be noticed because of an odor, where some cannot because they are odorlessRead MoreAir Pollution Essay958 Words   |  4 Pagesthink of air pollution, they most immediately picture heavy smog drifting over cities and industrial plants. This is the first and most evident form of air pollution. To better understand the subject, we need to define the term air pollution. Air pollution is the presence in or introduction into the air of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects. These substances linger and cause many adverse problems. Humans and other living creations rely on the atmosphere for reparation. When air qualityRead MoreAir Pollution essay910 Words   |  4 PagesAir pollution has become a major problem in the United States. The agricultural industry must help maintain air quality. By doing that the United States has started trying to make machines that will help reduce the pollution in the air which will help the environment. One way the United States has tried stopping air pollution and that is to create a solar powered machine which decreases air pollution. But also there are some ways that the people of the United States can help stop air pollution. Read MoreEssay On Air Pollution847 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction From my studying in this unit, I understand that air pollution transpires in various patterns, however, it can generally be thought of as gaseous and particulate contaminants that are existing in the earth’s atmosphere. Chemicals discharged into the air that has a direct impact on the environment are called primary pollutants. These primary pollutants sometimes react with other chemicals in the air to produce secondary pollutants. Air pollution has become a very high-priced environmental predicamentRead MoreAir Pollution Essay1239 Words   |  5 PagesAir Pollution in the US From North to South, East to West, New York to Ohio, the issue of air pollution and climate change has been under discussion in the last sixty years and how it has changed the climate terrain in the United States. Air pollution can be dated to October 1948, the Donora Pa for that razed almost half of the town where 14000 residents were rendered homeless and started to experience severe respiratory and cardiovascular problems. During this time, breathing became a major issue

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My Interested Job As The Icon Of My Choice Essay

Everyone desires to be unique in their own way, most people especially students possess an occupational wish immediately they join the early stages of education. Some would like to be identified with certain jobs, hobbies, affiliating groups or even movies. This paper majorly illustrates my interested job as the icon of my choice; the icons have been selected from the medical field in relation to the eye. Each of the icon is referring to an eye specialist hence the theme is common. Since I am interested in becoming an optometrist, I have decided to choose other two related jobs dealing in eye disorders, these are optician and ophthalmologist. Since I desire a profession dealing in eye, the three icons I have mentioned would be of great relevance to me in my entire professional life. In the succeeding paragraphs, the three icons have been explained in   three ways, that is what they are and what they deal in, why they represent me what and why they mean something tome and how they h ave improved my life.   The paper will also explain how I intend to become or embrace the icons. OPTOMETRIST This is a profession in health care that is concerned with the eye and its related structures. It deals in visual system, information on vision processing and vision in humans as well. Optometrists are qualified to treat and diagnose eye diseases like glaucoma and even infections. The eye and its structures and the mechanisms involved has captivated scientists and the general public since the ancient times, therefore many people have been involved in it and this is my point of interest. Many patients are usually more concerned with eye related disorders than other diseases; the knowledge that one may experience an eye problem has an upsetting effect on the psychology of an individual, the same effect even spread to economy and social life. This makes the profession a point of interest to me as I would prefer helping and interacting with such individuals. Many people with visual problems need vital assistance with the activities of their daily living and are usually unable to gain ful l employment that they initially possessed before they developed the defect. It therefore results into terrible challenges to the victims. It would be my interest in the future to assist the eye disorder victims in maintaining of ocular health and correcting their eye problems that may limit their vision and contribute deeply to the ability to appreciate longer lifespan that the medicine can allow. This profession is therefore very vital due to the quality that vision has in life, hence many optometrists consider their job very rewarding, and that is why I intend to be one. As such optometry is tied to the vision science, optics and optical assistance, optical instruments of imaging techniques among other eye care professions. The nature of work in optometry includes examining people’s eye in order to diagnose the detected vision problems. These problems may include shortsightedness and long-sightedness, color perception and ability to coordinate and focus the eyes; they may prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses or even provide treatment like vision therapy and low visual rehabilitation. Optometrists may also test for glaucoma and other eye disorders and even diagnose those conditions caused by systemic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. They also prescribe medication to treat vision disorders or eye problem and provide both pre operative and postoperative care to cataract victims. Optometrists may also specialize in fields like contact lenses, pediatrics, and geriatrics or vision therapy. This has resulted in the formation of professional groups depending on the area of specialization and still they remain practitioners. For instance, some may specialize in developing ways of protecting worker’s eye from job related diseases, occupational vision while others may focus on sports vision, ocular diseases, head trauma and special testing. Some even teach optometry, perform research and consult at the same time. This is a major reaso n why I am interested in the profession and is my major icon. To become an optometrist, a doctor of optometry degree is needed and this requires a completion of a four year degree program in the accredited school of optometry. This is usually a competitive program which admits very few candidates and therefore commitment is necessary and that is what I advocate. Since the requirement for admission include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology which I possess a great background in, I therefore believe I am capable of practicing the profession. This icon therefore means life to me and represents me in that I possess what it takes to be one, it will therefore improve my life in the actualization stage as I help others achieve their goals and mission. OPHTHALMOLOGIST This is a specialist who deals with medical and surgical eye problems. This profession is one of the branches in medicine that deal in the physiology, anatomy and diseases of the eye. As a discipline, ophthalmology applies to animal eye as well; this broadens the practice, since the distinctions in human practice are minor and related mainly to the differences in prevalence or anatomy and not differences in the disease processes. Ophthalmologist is therefore a medical doctor specialized in vision care and the eye. They are trained to provide a full spectrum of the eye care, prescribing contact lenses and glasses to delicate and complex eye surgery. They are sometimes involved in the eye research as well. This makes the profession my point of interest. This profession requires a four year training and one year internship which should be hospital based. They are trained in all aspects of eye care and prevention, medical and surgery treatment of the conditions of the eye including diagn osis of the same. Some of the specific areas of training include; cornea and the external disorders, glaucoma, ophthalmic pathology, Neuro-ophthalmology, pediatric ophthalmology and vitriol retinal diseases. Both the diagnosis and management of these diseases are intensively learnt with several practical demonstrations like transplantation involved in the training. Practitioners may specialize in different field such as corneal diseases, glaucoma, retina and vitreous diseases, pediatric eye problems and plastic surgery. This is a major contribution of this profession to be my preference icon, with several options to specialize, one can easily identify what he or she can perform best and since it is geared towards assisting people which is my aim in life, I prefer it to other professions. Optometrists and family doctors are known to often refer the patients experiencing serious eye problems to ophthalmologists due to their extensive training as they can always link eye problems to ot her diseases for instance, they are usually he first to identify and detect brain tumor, multiple sclerosis and even diabetes. Ophthalmologists usually use a variety of different instrument such as ophthalmoscopes, which enables easy visualization of the inner part of the eye. They can then prescribe contact lenses, medicine and eye glasses or even recommend eye exercises and where required with urgency, they perform surgery. For this to take place, extensive training after high school for four years in medical school is necessary. This means a lot to me as I aspire to become an eye specialist, therefore in reference to this, I prefer the icon, it would improve my life as I assist the victims as I actualize my professional life. OPTICIAN This is a person who deals in optical devises. A medical practitioner trained on filling the prescriptions for the correction of the eye in the field of medicine. Opticians also make optical devices and are also known as dispensing optician. They determine the specifications of different ophthalmic appliances that gives necessary corrections to an individual’s eyesight. Some opticians also manufacture lenses to their own stipulations and design spectacle frames and some other devices. Opticians work in a variety of settings like as independent or joint practice, retail stores or hospital eye care centers. This is not always the case as opticians need to get registered in order to meet the set standards of practice. They also commit to an ongoing education and hold professional liability if any arises. They usually consult a client in order to design optical appliances or ophthalmic to best meet their needs. Information is usually gathered from the patients on the eye and the f acial features. In proving the service, opticians are expected to use variety of instrument which usually ranges from simple devices of measuring to complex examination instrument. This is my preference icon as it is very marketable and always needed by the victims. Due to the increasing demand for contact lenses and glasses, the job growth is proportionate for dispensing opticians. This growth creates more demand for corrective lenses by those who need regular vision care hence making the profession lucrative and profitable. Therefore apart from assisting others, there is also a lot to learn and earn from the profession, for that reason, this icon means a lot to my life and I believe it will not only improve my life but also take me to the actualization stage of life. Some other things that I love with the icon is the kind of activities that one involve themselves in. such activities as taking client’s facial measurement, assisting a client to sense the type of most appropri ate glasses, keeping client’s records up to date, working together with the insurance groups to maximize the client’s benefits and even customizing the glasses fit to suit the face of the client. Such activities mean a lot to me and therefore justify my love for the profession. As s result of the nature of the work that opticians do in their daily lives, a lot of experience is needed in mathematics especially in algebra and geometry, Physics, anatomy and quality drawing. One also requires very good interpersonal communication skills as they get to interact with many people in their service delivery. For jobs like this, one do not need to wait for employment but can set up his or her own premise and begin, that is one of the reasons why I admire the profession and tops my list in the icons. In summary, the above icons actually represent me as they are what I want to become. In the medical profession, I prefer to assist those with poor vision and bring the whole world back to them. The three icons also mean life to me and improves my life as each day, I work extra hard to achieve my ambition of becoming one. The requirements of each leave me with no option but to commit myself to work. I would like to assist people gain their sight where necessary. I believe in the Icons as they inspire me to work hard and therefore they change my life in a positive way. I also believe that apart from helping people, I can also earn a living with them. Therefore they are all I need in life, my inspiration and what I want to become.

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The Role of the Individual in Candide Free Essays

All around the world the roles of the individual and of society are completely abstract. As the world changes and develops, the roles of the individual and society change to meet the needs of the people. Voltaire’s Candide which involves France during the Age of Enlightment Marx Engels’ Communist Manifesto which involves Germany around 1848 both discuss the roles of the individual and of society in different ways. We will write a custom essay sample on The Role of the Individual in Candide or any similar topic only for you Order Now In both pieces of literature what is expected of the individuals and of society is very different from what is presently happening. The Communist Manifesto discusses human nature and social class while Voltaire discusses the flaws of society and the realities that not everything is for the best. In Communist Manifesto, the role of an individual is to be an equal and work towards the greater good of society and the role of society is to provide equality for all people. However in Candide, the role of an individual is to be an individual while the role of society is based upon the society you are living in. The role of the individual according to Marx and Engels is to be an equal with everyone else in society. The immediate aim of the Communists is the same as that of all other proletarian parties: Formation of the proletariat into a class, overthrow of the bourgeois supremacy, conquest of political power by the proletariat† (Communist Manifesto 13) The Bourgeois are the 0. 1% of the population that owns the means of production and The Proletariat are laborers who are 99. 9% of the population. Carl Marx state s here that the goal of Communism is equality for all. If you overthrow the Bourgeois it insures that power will be balanced because its 99. 9% in control now instead it’s 0. 1% in control. Marx describes his distaste for how everyone in society is being manipulated by the small percentage in control. Marx goes on to say that â€Å"The Bourgeoisie has subjected the country to the rules of the towns. It has created enormous cities, has greatly increased the urban population as compared with the rural and has thus rescued a considerable part of the population for the idiocy of rural life† (Communist Manifesto 7) People are being control in a majority of their daily routines and being an individual is not something truly supported by the Bourgeoisie. â€Å"You say individuality vanishes. You must therefore confess that by â€Å"individual† you mean no other person than the bourgeois, than the middle-class owner of property† (The Communist Manifesto 16) The idea of communism is to encourage people to actually be individuals while being an active member of society. Although the role of the individual are made very clear by Marx they fail due the ideals of human nature. It is said that the human nature can be considered the downfall of communism. Communism as proposed should be extremely successful but due to human nature there is no way for communist success. The success declines as soon as it starts because people lose motivation. People have no motivation to work as hard as they possibly can because everyone is economically equal. This is a flaw of the communist society as opposed to capitalism. Marx wants people to work as an autonomous collective to gain power and take it away from capitalism however, people are only invested in something that benefits them, and communism relies on an â€Å"all for one, one for all attitudes. According to The Communist Manifesto. the role of society is to provide equality for all people. As stated â€Å"In bourgeois society, living labor is but a mean to increase labor. In communist society accumulated labor is but a means to widen, to enrich, to promote the existence of the laborer† (The Communist Manifesto 15) Marx describes a comparison between the society currently and what Marx’s hopes society will be. Individuals are promised so much more in a Communist society. The difference between the idea of increasing labor and widening labor although minuscule provides hope for the people who are sick of their current society. In communist society, the present dominates the past. In bourgeois society, capital is independent and has individuality while the living person is dependent and has no individuality† (The Communist Manifesto 15). This shows how people, while working toward the greater good have their own individuality under communist society. In a Communist Society although people are allowed to be unique they are all considered equal no matter what. In Candide the role of an individual is to be an individual. Voltaire, throughout the skill of repetition exploits how people behave. He describes for instance how everyone feels someone is better off than they are. Voltaire uses Candide’s journeys to portray the human assumption that the grass is always greener on the other side. Now even though most people are not pleased with how their lives are currently, they are esteemed individuals. Individuals work for the benefits of themselves as they cultivate their farms and work hard to make sure their families are well fed and stable. â€Å"‘I have only twenty acres of land’ replied the Turk, ‘which my children and I cultivate. Our work keeps us free of three great evils: boredom, vice and poverty’† (Candide 112). This shows how in Candide, society’s individuals work hard on their own to make something out of themselves. According to Voltaire in Candide the role of society clearly depends on what kind of society you are currently living in. Societies, according to Voltaire had many flaws. As Candide comes to the land of Eldurado, we are shown an almost flawless society. â€Å"Candide asked to see the law courts, he was told that there were none, that lawsuits were unknown. He asked if there were prisons; the answer was no. †(Candide 64) In this nearly flawless society all men are free and the king is the complete opposite of a tyrant. â€Å"I know my country doesn’t amount to much, but when man is fairly well of somewhere, he ought to stay there. I certainly have no right to prevent foreigners from leaving: that kind of tyranny is sanctioned by neither our customs nor our laws† (Candide 66). Another society Candide discusses is Paris. â€Å"Yes, I’ve been in Paris: it’s a mixture of everything found in all the provinces. It’s a chaos, a restless throng in which everyone is looking for pleasure and hardly anyone finds it, or at least that’s how it seemed to me†(Candide 75) In Paris it seems that this society has no partake in it’s citizens lifestyle. The individuals yearn for what society has to offer them. Voltaire uses satire to take aim at the military, religion, and societies’ shallowness to disprove Pangloss’ theory that â€Å"all is for the best†. The world that we live in is not the best of all possible worlds. How to cite The Role of the Individual in Candide, Papers

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European Union Laws

Question: Explain why European Union law takes precedence over domestic law in the United Kingdom? Answer: Introduction The supremacy of the laws if the European Union can be considered as a principle where the laws that is made together by the member states of the European Union would prevail in cases where there lies any conflict with the laws of the European Union and the domestic laws of the country (Hartley, 2005). Hence, the national courts should take into account the European Union laws and that law would be taken into account. This legal doctrine had emerged from the European Court of Justice and can be considered as a result of a number of decisions. Legal decisions supporting the European Union Laws There were a number of case decisions that supported and favored the European Union laws as compared to the domestic laws. In the case of R v Secretary of State for Transport (R v Secretary of State for Transport, Ex p Factortame, [2001]), the House of Lords had opined that under such circumstances were the acts of the Parliament conflicted with that of the laws of the European Union, the courts in the United Kingdom would apply the European Union laws. Lord Bridge in this case, had stated that this limitation in the sovereignty was voluntarily accepted by the Parliament since even though this limitation was not inherited from the Treaty of Rome, the Parliamentary jurisprudence in the form of the European Communities Act 1972 had well established this principle (Wiesbrock, 2010). Again in the case of Costa v Enel (Costa v Enel, [1964]), the ECJ had opined that whenever there lays a conflict with the European Union laws and the member state laws, the European Union laws should prevail since any subsequent act which is unilateral cannot prevail when it becomes inconsistent with the concepts of the community. Nevertheless, the Treaty of Maastricht, had provided that this does not mean that the Union prevents the stated from creating laws on various subjects such as the environment, the conditions of work or the social policies. The only criterion is that the laws have to be compatible with the Treaty of Rome and have the appropriate jurisdiction considering the Treaty. Under many circumstances there has been many arguments with regard to the fact that the European Union laws taking over the domestic laws of the states, and in this regard it should be reminded that United Kingdom is a member states that the European Union is a collective union of all member state s (Konstadinidis, 1998). Supremacy of the EU Laws The limitation of the domestic laws of the United Kingdom came up with the enactment of the European Communities Act 1972 and this limitation was totally a voluntary decision. In accordance to the conditions of the 1972 Act (Pearson of Rannoch, 2013), it has been clearly stated that the United Kingdom court had a duty that while delivering any judgment to make the European laws prevail with regard to any national laws. The European laws comprise primarily of treaties, regulations and directives. In cases of regulations, these take precedent over the domestic laws of the member stated which are contrary to them. The member state also cannot make any more domestic laws in order to implement the regulations. Directives on the other had are those set of goals that are required to be attained within a certain period. The member states of European Union can make laws for reaching that goal. The Royal Prerogative provides the power to the British government to enter into any international treaty that binds the country (Wall, 1973). Nonetheless, the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty exists in the state which provides that there exists no changes in the rights given to the British citizens and the other individuals and this can be done without the consent of the Parliament. Such rights can be changed only with the help of any Act of Parliament. Hence, the United Kingdom in order to protect itself from the breach of any international obligation is required to include the international laws in the domestic laws of the country through enactments. Conclusion As concluding remarks it can be stated that the UK government is required to override any law that is contrary to the European laws. The British Parliament is still upholding the fact that the European Union laws are supreme. According to the rule of Dicey, in case the Parliament takes the decision to repeal the ECA 1972, it can be done anytime. Theoretically, the laws of the European Union are supreme, but logically it can be stated that the laws of the United Kingdom Parliament is supreme. References Costa v Enel[1964]ECR p.585. Hartley, T. (2005). The European Union and the Systematic Dismantling of the Common Law of Conflict of Laws.International Comparative Law Quarterly, 54(04). Konstadinidis, S. (1998). Nationality Laws in the European Union. Edited by Bruno Nascimbene [London: Butterworths. 1996. xv + 771 pp. ISBN 88-14-06139-4. 80].International Comparative Law Quarterly, 47(01). Pearson of Rannoch, M. (2013).A bill to repeal the European Communities Act 1972, and to make provision for the Secretary of State to repeal any enactment that has been a consequence of the European Communities Act 1972. London: Stationery Office. R v Secretary of State for Transport, Ex p Factortame[2001] NO. 7. Wall, E. (1973).European Communities act 1972. London: Butterworths. Wiesbrock, A. (2010).Legal migration to the European Union. Leiden: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers.

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Week Discussion Ques free essay sample

In fact, in the early 1 sass studies were done to determine the meaning of diversity. For example, in 1997 the National Naval Research Council defined diversity as the presence of a significant number of women, members of underrepresented racial groups, and persons with disabilities throughout the organization (National Research Council Staff. Building a Diverse Workforce: Scientists and Engineers in the Office of Naval Research. Washington, DC, ASSAI: National Academies Press, 1997. P viii. ) Although a general relative definition, R.Roosevelt Thomas provided a more in depth understanding of diversity and indicates in his article that diversity is no longer about the crucial distinctions between groups, UT is the elements that encompasses both the differences and similarities of employees (Understanding and Managing Diversity, peg _. ) thus, creating a diversity mixture within corporations. For me, it Is surprising to adjust to the notion that diversity can in fact relate to the similarities and/or qualities of constituencies. We will write a custom essay sample on Week Discussion Ques or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This helps to eliminate the thought process that diversity is one dimensional. After reviewing Thomas eight (8) action options in the Diversity Paradigm model, which of these could be characterized as good management practices even when diversity Is not an Issue. It is my belief that the art of building relationships among employees is a beneficial initiative in helping constituents become acclimated with various diverse groups.This kind of implementation fosters general understanding of the corporate culture and helps to eliminate prejudices (defined as preconceived, evaluative attitudes about someone based on his or her group memberships Understanding and Managing Diversity, peg. _). According to CEO, Luke Viscount who Is the founder of Diversity, he believes that the benefits of diversity fosters talent development and s an opportunity for companies to develop and enhances the ability to form relationships as they are (www.Diversity. Com). Because Thomas writes that diversity management has to go beyond legal compliance, do you think that he would or would not support the repeal of Civil I do believe R. Roosevelt Thomas would not be opposed to the Civil Rights legislation; however, as per his article, I think he wanted to expose to management to the concept that diversity has a broader meaning and applies to many critical areas that affect.

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Was America a free society in the 1920s essays

Was America a free society in the 1920s essays Was America really a free society in the 1920's? Freedom covers many aspects of life : human rights, religious freedom, economic freedom, freedom of expression and political freedom. In America in the 1920's there was an illusion of freedom - but some people were more free than others and this depended on race, social class and political belief. There was a big divide between rich and poor and this was further exagerrated by the divide between the urban and rural populations. The smaller farmers suffered from low income. The government did nothing to help, as it was Republican and believed in not interfering with American peoples lives. This ties in with the idea of economic freedom - the rural poor were not free because they could not afford to buy what they wanted. They barely had the money to survive, let alone the opportunity to earn the extra money to buy the things that they needed. The mining story was much the same. As the demand for coal dropped, the wages were lowered and the hours for miners were longer. A non-union policy was set up in many mines, which prevented any worker from joining a trade union. This meant that they could pay lower wages and charge less for coal and get a bigger percentage of the market, (65 percent in 1926.) So the freedom to join a trade union was taken away. As a citizen of the United States of America, you had the right to vote, that is if you were classed as a citizen. Citizenship excluded blacks and Indians in most states, and even communists in one. This exclusion was more prominent in the Deep South where racism was still a bitter fact of every day life. The Jim Crow laws prevented black people from voting, getting a good education and even riding on buses in the seat they wanted to sit in. (Despite this fact, many black people rose to the top and got good jobs such as lawyers). The majority of blacks though, were employed in low paid, dirty jobs, such as bin men and toilet cl...

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Cultural Diversity - action plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Cultural Diversity - action plan - Essay Example The society must, therefore, strive to enhance cultural proficiency through the adoption and implementation of an effective action plan. The creation of cultural awareness, self and societal, is critical for the development of cultural proficiency. People should be enlightened on the need to understand and appreciate their culture, beliefs, and values, knowledge, and interests, from the individual level to the community level (Lindsey, Robins, & Terrell, 2009). Accepting the cultural differences that exist and respecting them is important for the enhancement of cultural proficiency. The society should be educated on the need to appreciate each other despite the cultural differences. The society should also be enlightened on the need to values the different cultural practices, values, and ways of communication, which exist because of diversity (Leavitt, 2010). The promotion of cultural knowledge in institutions can work towards the development of cultural proficiency. Therefore, it is important that institutions like schools work towards the promotion of cultural knowledge, and consequently, cultural proficiency (Lindsey, Robins, & Terrell, 2009). All the members in the society and the authorities that govern the society should join hands in the promotion of cultural proficiency. The participation and cooperation of every individual will be vital in the implementation of the cultural proficiency action plan. The government, local authorities, educational institutions, and all other institutions should ensure the implementation of the action plan for the enhancement of humanity (Leavitt, 2010). While some issues deemed important for the promotion of cultural competence demand for specific resources, others require the commitment of the society only. For instance, the creation of cultural awareness and the institutionalization of cultural